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"SafeSteer" is a unique three-point sighting system designed to help drivers gain a better sense of their vehicles position on the road by providing strategically placed, line-of-sight reference points that are as easy to use as your mirrors. More than just a great idea, "SafeSteer" is a better way of driving. Once you experience driving with "SafeSteer", you'll never want to drive without it!

Installs easily on the inside windshield of any car or truck in minutes with our  simple 3 step proprietary template included.

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     SafeSteer was designed out of necessity...

    While teaching his high school aged son to drive Ethan and Joseph Schneider realized that there had to be a better way to help drivers see and maintain their position on the road. His son "Joseph" suggested creating a sighting system that would do just that. SafeSteer soon became a father and son project that developed over time into the easily installed SafeSteer system that we are now offering today. Using SafeSteer while your driving is as easy as using  your mirrors. The SafeSteer system will work on almost any vehicle and requires no special tools to install or batteries to replace. It is a simple three-point sighting system that works!

    SafeSteer Benefits:

    Helps keep you in lane...

    Helps Improve:

    Driving Safety & Accuracy

    Driver focus & Awareness

    Avoidance of Road Hazards

    Night Driving and Driving in Poor Weather

    Great Training Aid for New Drivers!